Junior Golf Drivers:
Pick the Right Driver for the Longest Distance

All the kids want junior golf drivers that will bring them the big distance. They see Bubba Watson and all their favorite pros hit it a mile and they want to also! When purchasing a new driver for your child, make sure you invest in a driver that is durable and reliable. For younger kids, your best bet it to purchase from a well-known name brand like US Kids or Nike. 

Nike makes clubs for juniors under the Tiger Woods name. They have red sets for younger kids and black sets for older kids. Click here for more information about Nike clubs. 

US Kids makes great clubs for the junior golfer. Click here to find out more information about junior golf drivers from US Kids and to see their sizing chart. You can buy the clubs in sets or you can purchase clubs separately depending on your needs. 

Of course, the kids can’t wait until they are big enough to get one of the great new drivers that the pros use. If your junior golfer has his eye on the TaylorMade SLDR driver that some of the pros are winning with this year, make sure he save his pennies and look into a custom fitting to get the best use of your investment.

One of the best places to look for junior golf drivers is online at sites like www.golfgalaxy.com. You can many times find good sales.

eBay is also a terrific place to look, especially if you know what you want. One of our best eBay buys ever was a TaylorMade Bubble Burner driver for our son that he got when he was 6. It cost $19, it was brand new and he could hit it long (for a 6 year old) and straight! He loved it and, of course, it made him a TaylorMade fan for life.